Saturday, April 21, 2012

PARKS: Places to Muse

"Sitting on the tiled foot of the World War Two monument (monochrome soldier on a marble plinth) I recall Armistice days, the eleventh of the eleventh, that fell on a school days and being marched down to William Woodward for the 11:11 memorial service. If we had the foresight to bring flowers, or our parents had foresight to furnish us with them, we could be relieved as cross-legged statues at one point in the service with the chance to lay the flowers at the foot of the monument. The flowers were usually home-picked, their stems wrapped in wet paper towel and then tinfoil – geraniums, a couple of fern leaves... "CLICK HERE TO GO TO SOURCE
MEGAN GARRETT-JONES: "On 18th April 2011, I made a small commitment to walk in a park every day for a year and make a record of the PARK: TIME: SPOT: and VISTA: I would like to share with you these records, to publicly acknowledge days forgotten or lost, and to make a pledge in your presence. With the launch of the next stage of this project, Advice to Park Users, I will be posting weekly findings from my research online for a year. Starting with a whisper, a small but urgent imperative to address mental well-being, I would use readily available space provided by the ubiquitous public park for my strategy to be a better person and simultaneously, an artist ..."

Rate the following statements as follows: 1- Strong agree, 2- Mildly agree, 3- Don’t want to answer, 4- Mildly disagree, 5- Strongly disagree.

a. I may cry when on the phone to utilities companies or unemployment services.
b. The best I feel doesn’t reach the intensity of the worst I feel.
c. I know where some rosemary grows in the vicinity of my home.
d. I have been euphoric over flowers or other type of plant.

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