Monday, April 9, 2012


"10 Design Journeys takes 10 works that came into the Tasmanian Wood Design Collection prior to 2002 and matches them with 10 works made in the years since. Peter Adams, Axiom Design, Mark Bishop, Linda Fredheim, Stuart Houghton & Craig Rosevear, Brad Latham, Patrick Senior, Paccy Stronach, Witt Design and Marty Wolfhagen, each come from very different points of design departure... Over the last ten years some have returned to their beginnings, others have taken radically different paths, all are driven by the transformation of their ideas into physical form. Changing technology, traditional values, sustainability of resources, social conscience and the quality of aesthetics, all permeate their work to differing degrees.

The exhibition included a series of short concentrated video interviews, produced by the Design Centre's Lauren Dean, visitors whether on-site or online, will hear designers talk about their work, their ideas and what drives them. 

The Design Centre is leading the way with 21st Century exhibition design here and setting new benchmarks against which exhibition design can be measured.

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