Saturday, January 19, 2013

Towards Tomorrow's Museum 2013

Tate Modern: Thursdays, 17 January – 28 March, 13.30–17.00
£320, concessions available
What will the art museum of the future be? 
How will its role change
Towards Tomorrow's Museum DJ13

This 11-week course will discuss such questions by looking at issues affecting art museums and Tate in particular. Each week, Tate staff will introduce their areas of expertise and consider how a world-leading arts organisation makes plans for the future in an international context of rapid change. Case studies will include the Tate Modern Project and new directions in collections and exhibition making. Using these insights, course participants will examine emerging influences on the activities of the art museum as they happen. Additionally, we will discuss the impact of issues including funding, research and organisational change. By considering a range of themes, the course provides an understanding of and critical engagement with the mechanisms by which the art museum plans for what lies ahead. In collaboration with the Department of Culture, Media and Creative Industries, King’s College London

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