Saturday, January 5, 2013

Carriageworks / 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art


Song Dong: Waste Not 5 January–17 March 2013

245 Wilson Street, Eveleigh, NSW
Free entry 
Song Dong: Dad and Mum, Don't Worry About Us, We are All Well  5 January–30 March 2013

4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art
181-187 Hay Street, Sydney NSW
Free entry

SONG DONG: Waste Not
Song Dong, "Waste Not," 2005/2009/2012. Installation view, Museum of
Modern Art, New York. Courtesy of the artist and Tokyo Gallery + BTAP.

This summer Carriageworks and 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art in association with Sydney Festival will present two exhibitions by one of China's preeminent artists, Song Dong.

SONG DONG: WASTE NOT: From his family home in Beijing, to the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Waste Not is a transformative installation by one of China's pre-eminent artists, Song Dong. Conceived by the artist following the death of his father, the work represents his mother's process of mourning and remembrance. Consisting of the entire contents of her house, Waste Notreflects a journey of hardship and grief, resulting in a display of personal resilience and ultimately a celebration of life.

The official opening of Waste Not is at Carriageworks, 4 – 7pm, Sat 5 Jan 2013.
"Deeply moving... a work of art that is every bit as much about loss as it is about muchness" The New York Times
Coinciding with Waste Not is Song Dong's Dad and Mum, Don't Worry About Us, We are All Well, a survey of his work from the last three decades at 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art. 

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