Thursday, September 20, 2012

Apps & iPads Invoke Change


Stay in touch with developments of interest to YOU wherever you are – at home, on the road, wherever. 

 The paradigm of the 'iPad App' is a newish way to get to publications – magazines, museums, news networks – content. Musers can browse news about exhibitions, publications, research and other events from the leading, commentators, international museums, art centers, foundations, biennials and art journals, plus read current and past commentaries. The iPad App offers us the added functionality to search, store, and share developments, journal essays, exhibition announcements and more still.

Information is going viral in the 'New Paradigm' we find ourselves in and the signals are telling us to "join in or eat our dust". The “Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself”, FDR’s First Inaugural Address March 4 1933 at the deepest depths of the Great Depression somehow has a resonance here – change or have change imposed from around us.

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