Saturday, July 28, 2012

antiCONTROLfreak Glasses for Museums

The Google Glass is just one of many forthcoming wearable devices.
Photograph: PR company handout
Now here is a bit of news that'll frighten the pants off CONTROLfreak MUSEUMmanagers! People, heaven forbid, will be able to look at something, record an image, use it in multiple ways AND the sign at the door saying "DO NOT DO IT" will amount to 'nothing much'. However, IF they really think about it, they'll quickly work out that these 'glasses' will work for them really really well ... Not so long ago the reporter here was skiing down a slope in France, wearing a pair of ski goggles which, when he looked down and to his right, showed him his precise location, how fast he was going, where the ski run went (useful in a whiteout). It also told him if he had a phone call and, via a wrist-worn ski-glove-friendly control, allowed him to switch between answering calls or changing the music on his headphones ... The goggles, made by Recon Instruments, are popular with snowboarding professionals who want to keep tags on their day's accomplishments – one of the settings tells you how high you have just jumped. For good measure, while you are enjoying the apr├Ęs-ski, you can download that data to a computer ... The goggles are part of the next wave – the one that experts say will, in time, enhance and even supplant the smartphones being carried by around half of the mobile-using population in the west ... EVERYONE will be wearing them and in museums too as they'll be so good for musing! ... click here to go to source

A Discussion Paper relevant to all this ... CLICK HERE

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