Monday, March 26, 2012

Paleontology & Adults Only Events Marketing

This story on Robyn Williams' The Science Show on Radio National has an element that should be of interest to the serious marketers of museum programs. It alerts us to what can be done – rather what is being done – to attract audiences to museums and engage with them.  

Yes it is rather audacious to be letting rock bands into paleontology exhibitions or serving 'adults only' slap up dinners with an after dinner speaker talking about the sex lives of bonobo chimps but apparently it works a treat for income generation.  

It appears that this is beginning to happen in Australia with the Melbourne Museum and Questacon  in Canberra too with them occasionally organising Adults Only nights. Its likely to be happening in a museum near you soon or maybe the museum will close down due to the lack of funds.

Museums are beginning to learn about marketing and advertising. ,The first rule of marketing is "HAVE A PRODUCT." Also, apparently the best way to kill a bad/ordinary product has proven to be "ADVERTISE IT." Watch this space! 

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