Wednesday, March 21, 2012

MUSEUM MEMBERSHIP: The Tate's model for success


There’s a great deal museums everywhere can learn from a program like Tate Members when we’re talking about 'online community building' and other activities where we want people to get together in an organised way around a cause. Here’s a couple of things to take away from repeating the Tate Members story at least 50 times:
  1. Have clear benefits ... invent things people can get FREE
  2. Keep repeating why people should join ... Because there are always new people being born that need to know 
  3. Outreach versus engagement ... Its as much about finding new members as keeping the old ones happy
  4. Treat different people differently ... Not everybody wants the same benefits ... Simply repeating your marketing message all the time might scare members away that have grown past being a member for the benefits
  5. Build a tribe ... The best thing about Tate Members is the welcome package– it makes you feel that you are part of Tate. These things are gold. 
  6. Be very, very serious about it  ... The moment people get together magic happens, and the moment they are invited to get together and the host isn’t in it for 120%, the party is ruined... We can bet on it that you remember such parties
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