Friday, April 25, 2014

Authentic Musing?


In 21st C museums the frontline of the muse is likely to be something of a struggle between the 'authenticists' and ... let's call them 'The Thinkers".

With current technology, even 20th C technology, it is possible to produce FORENSICcopies. Just think about Rodin's Thinker of which there are about 28  FORENSICcopies in the world – all there without diluting the power of the work

So why not acquire a FORENSICcopy of Dancing Shiva and bypass the ARTcrooks that sold one for a lot of money to Australia's National Gallery

What's more, by doing so, vest musing value in the cultural property, leave mere things in place and debunk the mythologies that CROOKartdealers feed off.   

Just a muse!
A report on the SHIVAdebacle CLICK HERE

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